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Reference Material - ARTICLES


Picture of TypewriterThis represents a miscellaneos collection of Articles from a number of news sources that we try to collect weekly. These are presented for information and research only. They are not intended to represent the opinions of the CareForTheTroops organization or any person associated with the CFTT organization.

The web site GiftFromWithin.org contains a very valuable collection of reference and training material, podcasts and webcasts on Trauma and PTSD from multiple causes. We highly recommend you allocate some time to look over this site and consider it a resource for on-going reference.

If you feel you have a document to contribute, please forward it via email to cftt.hq@gmail.com and we will consider it for inclusion on this page.

To access an item, DOUBLE CLICK on the item and it will be presented to you in a separate screeen. To return to this web page from the document, you merely have to CLOSE that document window and the original list of documents will re-appear and you can access additional articles as needed.


NOTE: These articles are not meant to represent the opinion or express any opinion of the CareForTheTroops organization. They are provided as public domain informaton subject to the copyright of the authors and publishers. Any concerns over the content of the articles presented should be directed to the authors and publishers.

  1. Article-20130201 National Center for PTSD Clinician Trauma Update_V7N1.pdf     
  2. Article-20121012 THE ATLANTIC MOBILE The U.S. Army Can't Stop Soldiers From Killing Themselves.pdf     
  3. Article-20120803 ARMY MIL WEBSITE Army standardizes PTSD diagnosis, treatment.pdf     
  4. Article-20120716 USNEWS MSNBC Calvin Center Horses & Warriors Program - Military veterans get help from four-legged friends.pdf     
  5. Article-20120705 USA TODAY Army's huge culture shift No shame in mental health help.pdf     
  6. Article-20120621 AMERICAN FORCES PRESS SERVICE Study Offers Glimpse Into Suicide Motives.pdf     
  7. Article-20120611 NRP RADIO Program Teaches Vets How To Survive The Classroom.pdf     
  8. Article-20120530 THE WASHINGTON POST More urgency needed to help homeless veterans, federal officials say such as Shinseki and Donovan.pdf     
  9. Article-20120526 Oklahoma faith groups reach out to military and their families.pdf     
  10. Article-20120424 USA TODAY Married special-operations troops feel strains of war.pdf     
  11. Article-20120328 NPR RADIO Staff Sgt. Bales Case Shows Stigma, Paradox Of PTSD.pdf     
  12. Article-20120205 HUFFPOST Veterans and PTSD Treatment -modalities for therapists to use.pdf     
  13. Article-20120119 USA TODAY Army suicide rates decline for first time in 4 years.pdf     
  14. Article-20120103 SF GATE Traumatic stress linked to biological indicator.pdf     
  15. Article-20120102 PBS NEWS HOUR Health Experts Question Army Report on Psychological Training.pdf     
  16. Article-20111230 THE SEATTLE TIMES Soldier suicides rise in 2011 at Lewis-McChord.pdf     
  17. Article-20111229 US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT Even Today, the Stigma of Mental Illness Won't Fade.pdf     
  18. Article-20111227 THE WASHINGTON POST Military academies report more sexual assaults.pdf     
  19. Article-20111227 THE GUARDIAN Afghanistan and Iraq veterans set to pile pressure on health service.pdf     
  20. Article-20111226 La times A military base on the brink - A story about the Ft Lewis vicinity.pdf     
  21. Article-20111226 LA TIMES Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program aims to equip troops mentally.pdf     
  22. Article-20111226 LA TIMES San Diego naval hospital testing unusual PTSD treatment.pdf     
  23. Article-20111220 THE ATLANTIC For War Dogs, Life With PTSD Requires Patient Owners.pdf     
  24. Article-20111220 HASTINGS Vet Families Can Access Mental Health Tools Online.pdf     
  25. Article-20111220 BBC NEWS US hopes music and art can sooth traumatised soldiers.pdf     
  26. Article-20111218 THE STATE PTSD The spouses speak out.pdf     
  27. Article-20111217 ARMY TIMES Army’s first female surgeon general sworn in.pdf     
  28. Article-20111216 REUTERS Fewer veterans with PTSD using anti-anxiety drugs.pdf     
  29. Article-20111216 AIR FORCE TIMES Study Troops still fear reporting PTSD.pdf     
  30. Article-20111215 US DOD Writing Therapy to Foster Wounded Warriors’ Recovery.pdf     
  31. Article-20111214 AIR FORCE TIMES Writing may help troops with TBI, PTSD heal.pdf     
  32. Article-20111213 NJ TOAY NJ Veterans Program Goes Nationwide - named vets4warriors.pdf     
  33. Article-20111208 USA TODAY Pentagon opposes mental health program for Guard.pdf     
  34. Article-20111208 PEW RESEARCH CENTER The Difficult Transition from Military to Civilian Life.pdf     
  35. Article-20111208 NAVY TIMES VA issues guidelines for handling sexual trauma.pdf     
  36. Article-20111207 PSYCH CENTRAL Military Sexual Trauma Related to PTSD.pdf     
  37. Article-20111207 NORTH COUNTRY TIMES Marine Corps reports record number of suicide attempts.pdf     
  38. Article-20111206 PBS NEWSHOUR Possible Compromise on Labeling of Combat-Related PTSD.pdf     
  39. Article-20111205 GAZETTE-COM VA fails to meet vets PTSD needs.pdf     
  40. Article-20111201 NEW YORK TIMES After Duty, Dogs Suffer Like Soldiers.pdf     
  41. Article-20111125 STARS AND STRIPES Groundbreaking research looks at how blasts injure brain.pdf     
  42. Article-20111124 USA TODAY Study suggests feelings of guilt may be a top factor in PTSD.pdf     
  43. Article-20111124 MILITARY COM Some Vets Turn to Farming to Overcome War Trauma.pdf     
  44. Article-20111123 DAILY RX Obstructive sleep apnea insomnia TBI and PTSD.pdf     
  45. Article-20111122 NORTHEASTERN Supporting youth in military families.pdf     
  46. Article-20111121 The Bellingham Herald PTSD can trouble veterans decades after their military service.pdf     
  47. Article-20111120 THE TIMES LEADER Here is what to watch out for with PTSD.pdf     
  48. Article-20111120 KILLEEN DAILY HERALD Study probes brain injury, mental health program efficacy.pdf     
  49. Article-20111116 THE LEAF CHRONICLE Make the Connection creates awareness for veterans.pdf     
  50. Article-20111116 NEIGHBOR NEWSPAPERS FaithWorks mental health forum to cover trio of topics.pdf     
  51. Article-20111115 KCCI DES MOINES PTSD Dog Gets Student Booted From Class.pdf     
  52. Article-20111114 ASSOCIATED PRESS Study- PTSD programs duplicated.pdf     
  53. Article-20111111 BBC NEWS Art- An unlikely form of army therapy.pdf     
  54. Article-20111110 THE ROCKET Student vets deal with PTSD in classrooms.pdf     
  55. Article-20111109 THE WASHINGTON POST As injured vets return home, congregations reach out.pdf     
  56. Article-20111108 MARINE TIMES Program to educate civilian doctors on military.pdf     
  57. Article-20111104 USA TODAY Many soldiers not fit for combat for medical, other reasons.pdf     
  58. Article-20111104 PBS NEWSHOUR Army General Calls for Changing Name of PTSD.pdf     
  59. Article-20111104 NURSING TIMES Acute traumatic stress treatment.pdf     
  60. Article-20111103 PR NEWSWIRE VA NY-NJ Healthcare Network & Kognito Introduce Family of Heroes -- An Online Avatar-Based PTSD & Resiliency Training for Veterans Families.pdf     
  61. Article-20111102 FOX10TV The War at Home- What Can I Do if I Think I Have PTSD.pdf     
  62. Article-20111102 FOX10TV The War at Home- PTSD affects families, too.pdf     
  63. Article-20111101 DOD Obama Calls on Nation to Honor Military Families, Caregivers.pdf     
  64. Article-20111028 REUTERS Sleep disorders plague vets with head trauma or PTSD.pdf     
  65. Article-20111028 BUSINESS WIRE VA-DoD PTSD Coach App Wins FCC Award.pdf     
  66. Article-20111026 CONNECTICUT I TEAM VA Mental Health Caseload Climbing New Report.pdf     
  67. Article-20111025 DIGITAL JOURNAL Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc. Announces Launch of New Website, Programs and Video.pdf     
  68. Article-20111023 GOTHAM GAZETTE Is New York City Prepared to Help Returning Veterans.pdf     
  69. Article-20111021 PRWEB Writing Poetry is Therapy for Veteran Suffering from PTSD.pdf     
  70. Article-20111018 ARMY TIMES VA revising sexual assault claims process.pdf     
  71. Article-20111014 NEW YORK TIMES A War Injury With a Big Impact The Plain Old Headache.pdf     
  72. Article-20111011 THE WASHINGTON POST Clear strategies for treating traumatic brain injury are elusive, panel finds.pdf     
  73. Article-20111011 AOL Tragedy On Wheels Why Returning Vets Are In Frequent Car Crashes.pdf     
  74. Article-20111007 THE SPOKESMAN REVIEW Local vets endure long line for care.pdf     
  75. Article-20111003 UTAH STATESMAN Utah State University veterans cope with PTSD.pdf     
  76. Article-20111003 REUTERS Mental health tests don't catch all troubled troops.pdf     
  77. Article-20111003 MEDICAL NEWS Cognitive Therapy Gets Nod for PTSD Prevention.pdf     
  78. Article-20111002 WNEM Virtual reality helps vets deal with PTSD.pdf     
  79. Article-20110930 KITSAP SUN Invisible injuries of war to be felt for decades per Gen Chiarelli.pdf     
  80. Article-20110927 KFO TV New brain imaging could improve PTSD treatments.pdf     
  81. Article-20110927 FAYOBSERVER Collateral Damage-Stigma can keep many soldiers from seeking mental health help.pdf     
  82. Article-20110927 ABC NEWS Rising Suicides Stump Military Leaders.pdf     
  83. Article-20110922 NY TIMES Army Study Highlights Fears and Stress of I.E.Ds and Amputation.pdf     
  84. Article-20110922 ARMY NEWS SERVICE Military summit focuses on invisible wounds of war.pdf     
  85. Article-20110921 STARS AND STRIPES Report- More troops suffering amputations.pdf     
  86. Article-20110918 WATERTOWN NEWS VA reaches out to courts to help veterans with PTSD.pdf     
  87. Article-20110915 FAYOBSERVER Caregivers for wounded warriors share their stories.pdf     
  88. Article-20110915 CHIPPEWA HERALD Soldiers with PTSD may benefit from meditation technique.pdf     
  89. Article-20110915 AIR FORCE TIMES Wait for PTSD, TBI treatment shows system overwhelmed.pdf     
  90. Article-20110914 UCSF Almost One Third of Iraq-Afghanistan Women Veterans with PTSD Report Military Sexual Trauma, Researchers Find.pdf     
  91. Article-20110913 KALW NEWS Even with new treatments, few PTSD vets seek help.pdf     
  92. Article-20110911 HEALTH WATCH PTSD - The War Within Women.pdf     
  93. Article-20110909 DOD Services Work to Prevent Suicides.pdf     
  94. Article-20110908 TIME Writing the Book on Military Mental Health.pdf     
  95. Article-20110908 SAVANNAH NOW Fort Stewart soldier charged with murdering child.pdf     
  96. Article-20110908 INTERNAL MEDICINE NEWS Study Shows Estimating PTSD Prevalence Requires Precise Exposure Details.pdf     
  97. Article-20110908 ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS Deployment stress is topic of military conference at JBER-DOD personnel try to help GIs family avoid tragedy.pdf     
  98. Article-20110907 WSAV TV Winn Behavioral Health Experts Discuss Efforts To Help Soldiers With PTSD.pdf     
  99. Article-20110907 PR NEWSWIRE EAGALA Military Services Launches Helping Veterans, Active Military, their Families, and Families of the Fallen Combat PTSD, Trauma, and Behavioral Challenges Through Equine Assisted Therapy.pdf     
  100. Article-20110905 TRIB LIVE VA responding to growing number of female veterans.pdf     
  101. Article-20110905 REUTERS Researchers find possible drug target for PTSD.pdf     
  102. Article-20110902 TIME Soldier's Heart.pdf     
  103. Article-20110902 ARMY TIMES Deployments and child deaths.pdf     
  104. Article-201109015 CHIPPEWA HERALD Soldiers with PTSD may benefit from meditation technique.pdf     
  105. Article-20110830 NPR From Cheerleader To Air Force To A New Life.pdf     
  106. Article-20110830 LA TIMES Soldiers' brains bear scars of emotional wounds.pdf     
  107. Article-20110828 STEPHEN MUSE Shooting Flies with Cannonballs-Traums and Relationships.pdf     
  108. Article-20110828 AFP 9-11 leaves a legacy of psychiatric trauma, stress.pdf     
  109. Article-20110826 HAWAII REPORTER UH Hilo College of Pharmacy Creates Program to Aid Military Mental Health Professionals.pdf     
  110. Article-20110825 HELENAIR Veterans’ mental health a priority-implementing a successful local support model.pdf     
  111. Article-20110824 PHILLY BURBS Christie signs legislation to assist veterans and military families.pdf     
  112. Article-20110821 USA TODAY Trauma team faces steady pressure of war.pdf     
  113. Article-20110821 TELEGRAM War's trauma at home.pdf     
  114. Article-20110820 BIOSCHOLAR Reservists back from war may have mental problems.pdf     
  115. Article-20110819 ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Military sexual trauma is commonplace, women vets say.pdf     
  116. Article-20110819 MAIL ONLINE TA soldiers at greater risk of mental health problems and alcohol abuse on their return to the UK.pdf     
  117. Article-20110819 HEALTH CANAL Traumatic brain injury increases risk of Parkinson's disease, UCLA researchers say.pdf     
  118. Article-20110818 PSYCH CENTRAL PTSD Impairs Detection of Emotional Cues.pdf     
  119. Article-20110817 HUFFINGTON POST Rise In Homeless Female Vets Tied To Military Sexual Abuse.pdf     
  120. Article-20110816 ABC NEWS HEALTH New research shows how PTSD affects the body.pdf     
  121. Article-20110815 BOSTONcom Clergy play key role in veterans’ care.pdf     
  122. Article-20110814 DAILY HERALD Lake County to open special court for veterans.pdf     
  123. Article-20110812 9NEWS Early detection of troops' stress critical.pdf     
  124. Article-20110810 EXAMINAR 'Alarming' war veteran suicidal rate at college, study shows.pdf     
  125. Article-20110809 SEMINOLEHEIGHTSPATCH Rescued Pit Bulls Help Military Vets With PTSD.pdf     
  126. Article-20110808 TUCSON CITIZEN Vietnam Veterans Of America Praise PTSD Settlement.pdf     
  127. Article-20110808 KITSAP SUN Veterans share frustrations over filing claims, accessing services.pdf     
  128. Article-20110808 INTERNAL MEDICINE NEWS Suicides, Homicides Among Military Share Common Features.pdf     
  129. Article-20110808 BOSTON GLOBE Antipsychotic ineffective in vets with PTSD.pdf     
  130. Article-20110807 NPR Female Veterans Breaking Silence, Beating Trauma.pdf     
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  132. Article-20110803 NEWSWISE Women Veterans Health - Sexx Matters.pdf     
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  134. Article-20110729 MILLER MCCUNE Vets With PTSD Awarded Higher Disability Benefits.pdf     
  135. Article-20110728 MEDICAL NEWS TODAY PTSD Raises Risk Of Lower Birth Weight Babies And Shorter Pregnancies.pdf     
  136. Article-20110727 US DOD Military Family Life Consultant Program Supports Troops, Families.pdf     
  137. Article-20110727 INTERNAL MEDICNE NEWS Multiple Stressors Up Suicide Risk Among Military Personnel.pdf     
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  140. Article-20110726 USA TODAY Recent war vets face risk of homelessness.pdf     
  141. Article-20110726 HUMANITARIAN NEWS Growing number of children with anxiety disorders treated with EMDR.pdf     
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  143. Article-20110724 EPOCH TIMES Female Veterans Need Better Services, Says VA.pdf     
  144. Article-20110722 SALEM NEWS Researching the Effectivity of Emotional Freedom Technique On Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-Trauma.pdf     
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  146. Article-20110722 ALLGOV Long Waits for Troubled Vets Have Disastrous Effects.pdf     
  147. Article-20110721 MYNORTHWEST Mental health problems more likely for teen boys in military families.pdf     
  148. Article-20110721 ISLAND PACKET Study links veterans' dementia risk to traumatic head injury.pdf     
  149. Article-20110720 US DOD New Guide Helps Communities Aid Homeless Women Vets.pdf     
  150. Article-20110720 LATIMES Vets face shortage of therapists.pdf     
  151. Article-20110719 ABC NEWS New app provides vets a tool for PTSD.pdf     
  152. Article-20110716 NY TIMES Why Would Anyone Miss War.pdf     
  153. Article-20110713 AIR FORCE SPACE COMMAND Veteran Trauma Court serves local veterans.pdf     
  154. Article-20110712 NPR NEWS Report indicates Pentagon Center For Brain Injuries, PTSD Is Dysfunctional.pdf     
  155. Article-20110711 THE PORTLAND PRESS HERALD VA easing policy for sexual assault victims.pdf     
  156. Article-20110711 AOL HEALTH Military Children Long Deployments Linked To Mental Health Problems.pdf     
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  171. Article-20110622 WASHINGTON POST Racked by PTSD, a veteran finds calm in a pound pup named Cheyenne.pdf     
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  179. Article-20110612 EMORYWHEELcom Emory Braves Partnership Seeks to Aid Veterans PTSD Recovery.pdf     
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  181. Article-20110608 NY TIMES Sex Assaults Underreported Inquiry Into VA Concludes.pdf     
  182. Article-20110608 ABC NEWS Dog Helps Man Manage PTSD Symptoms.pdf     
  183. Article-20110607 PR NEWSWIRE Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) Paves the Way for Horse-Related Therapies in Helping Victims of Terrorism, Trauma and Other Challenges.pdf     
  184. Article-20110606 NAVY TIMES Spice could threaten mental health.pdf     
  185. Article-20110603 PROJO Holder lauds jail-diversion program in RI for vets.pdf     
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  187. Article-20110602 NPR For Soldiers With PTSD, A Profound Daily Struggle.pdf     
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