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EMDR Training Event - Brunswick, Georgia

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This event has already occured. Another EMDR Training Weekend has not yet been scheduled for 2012 or beyond. Once funding is secured, a training partner arranged, and the instructors scheduled, look for an announcement by CareForTheTroops about yet another EMDR Training Weekend that will likely follow the same format and arrangements as described below eand situated in another city.

Thank you to the 85+ therapists that have already taken advantage of this training and added to the number the civilian therapists that can deal with combat trauma and other trauma that might be experienced by a member of a military or civilian contractor's family.


The EMDR HAP (Humanitarian Assistance Program) Training organization (www.emdrhap.org ) will conduct Weekend I and Weekend II training on the dates shown above. The training will be in Brunswick at Gateway Behavioral Health Services (http://www.gatewaybhs.org/home.htm), a Georgia Community Service Board Association member organization, 600 Coastal Drive (Blue Building), Brunswick, GA 31520.

This training is jointly sponsored by the CareForTheTroops, Inc. organization (www.CareForTheTroops.org ), The Georgia Association of Community Service Boards (www.GACSB.org), and GAMFT (www.GAMFT.org).

emdr flyer blue starAUDIENCE: This training is for licensed (and some licensable) counselors working in a non-profit environment. Specific details are available at the following web location: www.emdrhap.org/training/ .

emdr flyer blue starCOST: $375 for each weekend. Lodging and meals are the responsibility of the participant.

emdr flyer blue starSCHOLARSHIPS: A limited number are available to cover the full HAP Fee for Part II for those who meet the criteria below. So please apply early if one is needed.


emdr flyer blue starTRAINING: Enroll for the HAP Weekend I training only at this time. It is done on-line through the HAP website: www.emdrhap.org/training/toregister/listEvents.php. Look for this event's description on the web page under the SPONSOR NAME: CareForTheTroops and for the dates June 24th to June 26th. You also need to complete a Participant Agreement, see FAQ below.

emdr flyer blue starAn "Agency Code" is needed to register. To receive it, call 912-312-3205 if a CSB member or 770-329-6156 if not a CSB member.

emdr flyer blue starEnrollment information for Weekend II will be provided to you on the last day of Weekend I.

emdr flyer blue starSCHOLARSHIPS: Apply for the CareForTheTroops scholarship by downloading the Application Document, complete and email or mail it to the address shown on the document. Download in WORD FORMAT or download in PDF FORMAT.

HAP Participant Requirements

EMDR PART I AND PART II are available for licensed mental health clinicians at the masters degree level or above, or for masters level clinicians on a licensure track, with permission of their licensed clinical supervisor. In keeping with its mission, HAP normally trains only clinicians working in community based non-profit, government, prison, or hospice settings.

This training is intended for therapists that work primarily in one of the setting specified above. It is not intended for therapists who work in private practice. You will be asked to get a HAP Participation Agreement form signed by a supervisor attesting to that fact.

CareForTheTroops(CFTT) Scholarship Criteria

It is the intent of CFTT that enrollees attend both EMDR Training Weekends (Part I and Part II) in order to increase the number of fully qualified EMDR Therapists to treat trauma in Georgia. Participants must:

  1. Practice in Georgia
  2. Attend and successfully complete both Part I and Part II of the training
  3. Attend the 2 hour Consultation Conference Calls conducted after Weekends I and II that are scheduled by the HAP office.
  4. Enroll in the CareForTheTroops Therapist Database at the completion of Weekend 1 and stay enrolled at least 2 years. More Info about this is available at www.careforthetroops.org/clinician_cftt_enroll.php
  5. Be willing to work with military clients and their extended family members
  6. Pay the HAP Training Fee for Part I. CareForTheTroops will pay the $350 HAP Training Fee for Part II.
  7. Attend and complete Part II within 12 months of completing Part I
  8. Be responsible for all other costs, fees, and expenses associated with the training weekends.

Hotel Information:

A hotel discount has been arranged with the Courtyard Marriott nearby the training location. Call 912-265-2644. and use the block code "Care For The Troops". The rate available is $89/night including full breakfast (2 breakfast passes per room). Here is a link to the site http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/bqkcy-courtyard-brunswick/

Brunswick is not that large, but has plenty of hotels. Any hotel will be relatively close to the facility. Getting one near Ext #38 of I-95 will put you within a mile of the training location. Below we have a Google Search Link to hotels.

Or else, Click Here to see a Google Search Listing of Hotels in the Brunswick Area. From this listing you find addtional hotels to those listed below.

Questions (FAQ)

Who Pays For Weekend 1? The student does.

Who Pays For Weekend 2? The CFTT organization does directly to HAP with approved scholarship application.

What preparation is necessary? Please see the www.emdrhap.org website and see the latest information on what they request. There is generally reading of EMDR material required

Are there any cancellation charges? Yes there are depending on when you cancel. Please see the www.emdrhap.org website and see the latest information on what they charge. The policy also appears when you registered and is on your confirmation email.

What forms have to be completed for enrollment?

  • For HAP, you have to enroll on their website and send or Fax them a Participant Form that has to signed by your Adminstrator or HR Manager verifying your employment. Also if you in a licenseable status, you additionally have to get a Supervisor form filled out by your supervisor. CLICK HERE to download the Participant Form
  • For CareForTheTroops if you are in need of a scholarship, please complete the scholarship application form that can be downloaded here, and scholarship recipients MUST enroll in the CFTT Clinician database for at least 2 years.   Click Here to enroll on the CFTT website

Why is it important that the student go to a Weekend 2 offered through the EMDR HAP organization? That's because the scholarship is based on the HAP weekend training fee of $350. So the student can go to the Weekend 2 that will eventually be scheduled for the students attending this Weekend 1 or any other Weekend 2 offered anywhere else in the state or country. But if they go to a weekend 2 not offered through HAP, that the cost of the weekend will likely be more than $350 and CFTT will only reimburse the $350. So the Student will have to make up the difference in fees.

Why does CFTT ask that Weekend 2 be attended within 12 months? CFTT is interested in getting more EMDR trained therapists in Georgia to work with the military and their families. Getting this done sooner than later is the result we want to encourage.

Why must the scholarship applicant check the box that they have read and agree to the critieria? That's because CFTT wants to be sure that the applicant truly understands their obligations and how the process will work so there are no surprises.

After completing Weekend II, what should a therapist consider doing to encourage and solicit clients?Here are a few suggestions and recommendations:

  • Update your resume to show EMDR Basic Training.
  • Update your existing referral contacts that you now have EMDR training and your ability to work with clients who have experienced trauma.
  • Make contact with any local military or National Guard units. Introduce yourself to the Company/Unit commander and to the lead NCO. Explain to them that you have received trauma treatment training and are willing to work with military families and have taken the time to receive additional training.
  • Be sure you are enrolled in the CareForTheTroops Therapist Database (Click Here) and check off that you are EMDR Trained. Even if you are already enrolled, remember to update your profile that you now have EMDR training.
  • Be sure you are enrolled with Military OneSource www.militaryonesource.com or call 800.342.9647 as a provider. They will want you to enroll as a TriCare provider. Here is a webpage that descibes what a Tricare Provider is all about and let's you begin the enrollment process.
  • Lastly, don't forget to consider enrolling in the EMDRIA organization and become fully accredited after completing your consultation and supervision requirements.The website to visit is www.emdria.org.

Send a Question or Comment

Completing and submitting this form will automatically send an email both to those sponsoring this event, and a copy to you with the information you just completed. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner, but if you have not heard from us within 3 business days, please send a follow up email to cftt.hq@gmail.com.